Sadly April 9th 2016

Brian Ginn, a staunch supporter of the building of the new hospital and a great member of our group, passed away.
His greatest wish was to see the opening of Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

Sadly this has not happened, but he certainly played a part in helping achieving this building and was able to see it’s near completion.
Brian will be missed.

Maureen/ SCUHAG  






Delay opening of the hospital until April 2017

March 8th 2016  SUNSHINE COAST HOSPITAL AND HEALTH SERVICE released a media statement regarding the delay of  Sunshine Coast University Hospital.
It states,

‘On the basis of all the information available to us, including an assessment of the work program by the SCUH Program Team it is prudent to delay opening of the hospital until April 2017”
It then states,
“This decision is consistent with the advice of the Independent Commissioning Advisor and will ensure a safe and clinically robust commissioning process”
Emeritus Professor Paul Thomas AM states,
“The Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Board is committed to ensuring that the commissioning and opening of SCUH will be achieved in a way that ensures patient  safety and clinical services are of the highest  standards”

Patient safety is a priority to all of Sunshine Coast residents.

A  5 month delay was certainly not expected or forecast.

When delays to this extent happen, the public needs to be more informed as to the reasons for such long delays .

We will be carefully watching the outcome over the next few weeks and keep the public informed when information is released.



Regards  Maureen /chair SCUHAG   

SCUHAG update from Quensland Health

The $1.8 billion Sunshine Coast University Hospital project is a Queensland Government initiative to address the growing health service needs of the Sunshine Coast community.
The hospital will open with about 450 beds in late 2016, growing to 738 beds by 2021 with a design that will allow further expansion beyond that time.
The new public tertiary facility is being delivered through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) contract with Exemplar Health, a consortium comprising Lendlease, Siemens and Capella Capital, with partners Spotless Facilities Services. This consortium will design, build and partially finance the public hospital as well as maintain it for 25 years.
When SCUH is fully commissioned, it is estimated that up to 10,000 fewer patients will need to travel to Brisbane for complex care.
Sunshine Coast University Hospital will form part of the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service's (SCHHS) network of hospitals, which includes Nambour General Hospital, Caloundra Health Service, Gympie Hospital, Maleny Soldiers Memorial Hospital and a comprehensive range of community and primary health services.
The public hospital is being developed as part of the 20-hectare Sunshine Coast Health Campus that will incorporate the hospital's Sunshine Coast Health Institute (SCHI), the collocated Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital, car parking facilities and opportunity for health-related commercial developments.
The hospital’s Sunshine Coast Health Institute (SCHI) will provide dedicated spaces such as simulation suites, an auditorium and a library to enable health professionals and students to teach, undertake research and learn in one location.
The SCHI is a partnership between Queensland Health, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service, University of the Sunshine Coast, TAFE Qld East Coast and a medical school provider.
There will be about 3500 car parking spaces on the campus, including two multi-storey car parks (P1 and P2) and a ground-level car park (P3). P1 will have more than 300 bicycle racks, with another 120 cycle spaces near the SCHI and end-of-trip facilities for staff, including showers and lockers.
The project is boosting the local economy by creating jobs during and after construction and is a catalyst for local commercial and residential development in the surrounding area.
The new public facility will employ about 3000 staff when it opens in late 2016, increasing to about 4600 staff when services ramp up by 2021. This will include doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, administrative and operational staff.
Exemplar Health has employed about 150 design consultants and project management staff during the design phase of the project. The construction workforce peaked at about 1500 daily on-site workers in August 2015.

General project timeline

Milestone Item  Status Date Revised and expanded details of SCUH (including a Skills, Academic and Research Centre) announced by government Complete April 2010

Financial Close with preferred PPP proponent Complete 31 Jul 2012

Bulk Excavation complete Complete 10 May 2013

Piling works substantially complete Complete 9 Oct 2013

Kawana Way Duplication and Car park 2 complete Complete 20 Dec 2013

Facility Management Centre (FMC) complete On program Dec 2015

P1 car park complete On program Mar 2016 Mental Health Unit (MHU) complete On program Jun 2016

Technical Completion of SCUH (all buildings complete) On program Aug 2016

Commercial acceptance (and handover of SCUH to SCHHS) On program Nov 2016

SCUH opens doors to patients On program Late 2016

Hospital services

  • Emergency services
  • Comprehensive cancer centre, including radiotherapy and chemotherapy
  • Specialised medical and surgical services
  • Maternity service
  • Rehabilitation service
  • Mental health unit
  • Renal service
  • Interventional and diagnostic clinical support
  • Ambulatory care (outpatient) services
  • Allied health services

SCUH features and facilities

  • On-site childcare centre
  • Serviced by Coast Connect bus route
  • Improved patient privacy with more than 70 per cent single rooms
  • Design maximises parkland setting and natural light
  • Predictive ‘organic response’ lighting that saves energy

Staff amenities

  • Dedicated staff dining area with adjacent food retail outlet
  • Lounge areas with internet kiosks
  • Quiet room featuring snooze pods
  • Dedicated breastfeeding and baby change facilities
  • Multi-purpose recreational/games room

Green design

  • SCUH is designed to meet the 4-star Green Star ‘Design’ and ‘As Built’ ratings under the Green Building Council of Australia’s sustainability rating system.
  • The buildings are designed to link seamlessly with the outdoors, increasing the availability of natural light and fresh air and reducing the load on building systems.
  • Sustainability features include renewable, energy efficient infrastructure, rainwater harvesting and water reclamation, solar hot water and energy-efficient lighting.

SCUH construction facts

  • 3000 concrete foundation piles – laid end to end, they’d stretch 105km
  • 117,000m3 of concrete – or about 19,500 truckloads
  • 14,532 tonnes of reinforcing steel
  • 660 tonnes of structural steel
  • 41,075m2 of glass
  • 38,007m2 of roof and wall sheeting
  • 499,906m2 of plasterboard
  • 6300 doors
  • 79,350m of skirting
  • 31,634m2 of carpet – enough to cover five football fields
  • 92,171m2 of vinyl  – enough to cover 15 football fields
  • 30,535 trees and shrubs
  • 28,085m2 of grass – enough for four football fields
  • 13km of concrete kerbing

Construction update – summer 2015
The skyline at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) construction site continues to change with Sebastian and Mitch the only two tower-cranes remaining on the Main Hospital Building (MHB).
Mitch will stay until the end of January to assist with the installation of the helipad, which arrived on-site mid-November and sits elevated on the roof of the southern end of the MHB.
Sunscreen and external lightwell cladding installation will continue during December, with more scaffolds being dismantled to reveal the completed façade. The colourful glazing on the Cancer Care Centre is also now clearly visible from Eccles Boulevard.    
The first area lights on the ground floor and level two of the MHB have been turned on as fit-out works progress inside. The eastern ‘Lakeside’ building, which houses the Sunshine Coast Health Institute (SCHI) and cancer, renal and intensive care units, now has lighting on the ground floor as well as internal partitioning, ceilings and vinyl on the floors.
The site is also beginning to look a little greener with landscaping underway around the Facilities Management Centre (FMC) and the main multi-deck carpark (P1).
Mental Health Unit
Steel framing, roofing, air-sealing and external cladding is  progressing for the Mental Health Unit (MHU).  Located between Dunlop and Hollows lanes, the MHU is primarily a single-storey building (air-conditioning equipment is located on a smaller first floor), which will offer both inpatient and day treatment programs and support services.
Childcare centre installed
The façade of the main multi-deck carpark (P1) on the public hospital site is nearly complete; with shade sail installation commenced on levels five and seven. Modules have now been installed on level seven for the 100-place childcare centre. 
P1 is now linked to the MHB by overhead walkways (link bridges) at levels one (public) and three (staff). The P1 carpark will be substantially complete by the end of 2015.

  The latest aerial photo(s) supplied by Lendlease provide an update of the construction progress at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital site.   The latest aerial photo(s) supplied by Lendlease provide an update of the construction progress at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital site.   The latest aerial photo(s) supplied by Lendlease provide an update of the construction progress at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital site.
Click to view larger image


Next SCUHAG meeting

August was the Annual General Meeting. The election of the Management Committee remained the same.

Chairman : - M. Mileham
Vice –Chairman : - K. Ricketts
Treasurer : - B. Freebody
Secretary : - A. Loveday

Thank you all for the support and information that has been given to SCUHAG over the last few years.
SCUHAG also addresses many health issues affecting residents, and will continue keeping authorities aware of health needs on the Sunshine Coast.

Check out Lendlease website to see the progress of the new hospital -

The next SCUHAG meeting will be held on,

Date – Tuesday 13th October 2015

Time – 6.00pm

Place – Kawana Library Room
Nanjima St Buddina   

Construction Update

SCUPH Construction update     [received late February 2015]
General and site wide
.  Approximately 950 construction workers on site daily
.  All in-ground stormwater and sewerage infrastructure completed
.  Kerb, channelling and final road surface complete for Dunlop Lane [entry to MHU and Mortuary]. Entry and exit crossovers completed for bus station.
of permanent electrical supplies to hospital to commence in March.

The Hub and the Outdoor Room
.  Significant progress on The Hub’s Auditorium – ground slabs poured and walls installed
Outdoor spaces  will provide an opportunity for visitors to attend conferences and utilise The Outdoor Room and auditorium for education and training purposes

Main Hospital Building [MHB]
.  Structure for levels Ground, 1,2,3 and 4 complete. Level 5 is at approximately 50% and level 6 [the roof] has commenced with the first slab poured just before Christmas.
.  Structural completion is scheduled for April this year
.  70,000 cubic metres of concrete [approx 11,600 truckloads] has been poured to date
.  5,500 tonnes of reinforcing steel used to date
.  3,500 tonnes of scaffolding has been installed around the MHB
L 2
.  The facade [minus external cladding and sun hoods] is complete up to L2 and L3 is at 30%. The full height windows along the eastern facade are now being installed.
Mental Health Unit [MHU]
.  Works have commenced this month with the removal of the temporary car park and over-fill
.  The concrete structure of the FMC is complete and the structural steel for the L3 links will be completed this month. The first link bridge will arrive after Easter.
Thermal Energy Storage tanks x 2 are being installed. Standing 23m tall, the tanks will take 70 days to install and will hold 4.6 million litres of chilled water
.  All major plant items now installed eg chillers, emergency generators, potable water tanks, HV switchgear and the three lifts [1 lift operational]
.  External facade cladding currently being installed.
Car park 1 [P1]
.  The eight level multi-deck car park has progressed to level 4. Levels ground, mezzanine, 1 and 2 are complete. Level 3 is at approximately 60% and level 4 at 20%
.  The facade screening [similar in appearance to CP2] is scheduled to commence in March.



SCUHAG meeting dates
 SUNSHINE COAST UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL ACTION GROUP’s meetings for 2014 will be held on the second TUESDAY of each second month  

It was great to see Lend Lease recognise a community member Brian Ginn and his effort in trying to help with the establishment of our public hospital.
The tenth tower crane on the Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital site was named in his honour.
Brian Ginn is a long time member of SCUHAG and proudly wears his SCUHAG shirt whenever the need arises.
He often attended our Saturday morning protests at the Sunshine Coast Public University hospital site.
Brian has always allowed the group to use his health situation to highlight the need for new health services here on the coast.
Thank you Lend Lease and congratulations Brian.

Contact SCUHAG
PHONE- 0431083017

Maureen /Chairman




December 2013 Updates
Earlier this month the decision was made by Health Minister Lawrence Springborg MP to have
Although other services could be out-sourced our clinical services will be run by our
This is a decision many Sunshine Coast residents had hoped for.
The PRIVATE AND PUBLIC HOSPITALS will have the opportunity to work together and complement each other, this way the Sunshine Coast will have the best of both health systems.
Our PUBLIC HOSPITAL is certainly moving forward, as anyone who passes the site can see the extent of the work in progress.
Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital now not only deals with their private patients but public patients too.
This should start to ease the waiting lists at Nambour Hospital and help with some of those travelling to Brisbane for treatment.
Keep SCUHAG informed of the services received at the Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital.
This way we can monitor how well the health services are proceeding.
This also means if  health services that are provided well, we will commend, as those who do a job well are rarely rewarded.


Maureen Mileham


The battle is over: Sunshine Coast University to go public ?

THE $1.8 billion Sunshine Coast University Hospital under construction at Kaw ana will be publicly managed.

The government has exclusively revealed to the Daily that Queensland Health staff and the local Hospital and Health Board will provide clinical services.

Support services including pathology, radiology and pharmacy could still be privatised.

But this decision means free public health care and clinical services provided through in-house doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.

The new Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital is due to open with 450 beds and a clinical staff of 2500 in 2016 .

It has the potential to expand to 738 beds by 2021.

The Daily championed the community and health workers' fight for clinical services to be publicly managed.

Health Minister Lawrence Springborg said the decision for clinical services to remain in-house was based on value-for-money.

He said analysis determined that the private sector offer was unable, at this time, to match the capacity of the public sector.

Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Board chairman Professor Paul Thomas welcomed the decision.

He said the government's decision meant the focus would now switch to market-testing clinical support services at the university hospital including pathology, radiology and pharmacy.

"This will determine whether better value-for-money providers can be found, but it does not automatically mean services will be outsourced," he said.

Work also will begin immediately to engage appropriate non-government cleaning, catering, and associated service providers at the university hospital.

The university hospital is still being delivered under Queensland's first public hospital public private partnership - a PPP.

Exemplar Health began construction of the public hospital in October last year.

Exemplar is a consortium comprising Lend Lease Building (builder), Spotless Facilities Services (facilities manager), Lend Lease Infrastructure Investments and Siemens (equity providers) and Capella Capital (asset manager).

From Sunshine Coast Daily 6th Dec 2013 6:54 AM

More ...There’s no privatisation to see here!
That’s the headline Lawrence Springborg wants Queenslanders to see as they read the news and his press release earlier today, but within a few paragraphs the Ministerial release goes on to say:
 Mr Springborg said expressions of interest for the outsourcing of clinical support services will be followed by a comprehensive evaluation of responses.

In case it’s not clear, the “clinical support services” being referred to include pathology, radiology, and pharmacy, all services that are vital to patient care.
Once again, this tricky language, whether it’s  ‘contestability’, or outsourcing, hides from Queenslanders that Lawrence Springborg is making a decision to dismantle public health services and fundamentally change the care that patients receive in our public hospitals.




SUNSHINE COAST UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL ACTION GROUP wishes to inform its members and supporters of the decision made today by Queensland State Government.

The Government has decided to go to a formal Expression of Interest from the market for full outsourcing of services of SUNSHINE COAST UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL.

Many non political community groups feel disappointed by this decision, as these groups along with SCUHAG have fought hard to achieve public hospital facilities in the area.

The PUBLIC RUN HOSPITAL has been the backbone of our health system.

PRIVATELY run HOSPITALS do a great much needed service, but are there for their shareholders.

LOCAL HEALTH and HOSPITAL BOARDS were put in place to attend to the health needs of their regions.

The running of SCUH should be their responsibility and they alone be accountable.

There are problems  existing in the public system, and some hospitals run more effectively than others.

Finding what works and where problems occurs is what is needed to have any venture run correctly.

SCUHAG at present can only monitor the situation and keep the community updated whenever information is available.

Send SCUHAG your views on this subject. email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Other Links:

IS IT just me or does everyone feel betrayed?


Opportunity to clarify the issues raised.

Due to the recent media coverage in the Sunshine Coast Daily I would like the opportunity to clarify the issues raised.

When Bill Hoffman [S/C Daily] rang in regard to my views on SCUH privatisation, he posed the question “did I feel cheated and used” I had no hesitation in my reply because members and myself worked hard to achieve the much needed public hospital. We did it with members and community support, which I thank you all for this.

Within a day or so SCUHAG members were outraged when a blog appeared in S/C Daily regarding the issue and SCUHAG. The first few lines began

“It is disappointing to see that Frank Gower and Maureen Mileham are so misguided and mis-informed on this topic. They have obviously swallowed the ALP Union line that the Qld State Government is privatising the SCUHospital, when it is not the case at all”

This blog went on and I decided as chairman to ring S/C Daily for a reply.

The following article gave some of the questions that had previously been asked and Jarrod Bleijie’s response.

When this management took over SCUHAG  over 3 years ago we set out to ensure the group was always APOLITICAL.

When members joined  attached to their membership was a copy of  Appendix B –Rule 3,For those who have never seen this please read below,

Objects for which the association is established are,

1 / Fight for the construction of the Sunshine Coast University Hospital, and

2/ Improve the health services for the Sunshine Coast by,

a] creating awareness of the lack of health services on the Sunshine Coast.

b] pro-actively approaching the issue of health services on the Sunshine Coast, and

c] engaging the wider community in the issue.

SCUHAG has adhered to the above very successfully, and will continue to do so in the future.

Australian citizenship rights /Freedom of speech it states

All Australians are free to say or write what they think about any subject, issue or person, so long as they do not endanger people, defame anyone  or obstruct the free speech of others. The same applies to Australian newspapers, radio, television and other forms of media.  Australians are free to protest the actions of government and campaign to change laws”

This is what SCUHAG do, ask questions of government when there is not a clear answer to questions from community members.

SCUHAG hopes the Health Minister can clarify some of the fears being expressed like,

What happens to Nambour and all S/C public hospitals if clinical services at SCUH are privatised?

What flow on effect to the coast will privatisation have?

Five years after SCUH opens hospital bed size expands to 738 beds, how will private enterprise cope with this number?

If private enterprise receive the clinical  contract, how long will that contract extend to?

When LNP moved the start the date forward SCUHAG thought our former problems were solved and we finally had a health future to look forward to. With a Local Health and Hospital Board now in place and it is clearly stated operational management for public hospitals and accountability for delivery to a local level is their responsibility.

This being so why is KMPG involved?

These are just a few of the questions  needing answers.

I hope it clarifies some issues to you.

Regards Maureen Mileham /Chairman /SCUHAG



Many residents have attempted to have their questions answered our local MPs  regarding the possible privatisation of the Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

It seems our politicians do not understand why there is confusion regarding this issue.


The Newman Government when running for office promised the public TRANSPARENCY in government.

Where is this in SCUH’s case?

The State Government needs to understand why  many feel dismayed and cheated.

1/ When the public fought for a PUBLIC HOSPITAL and it was finally announced to start, residents were so happy the health needs of the coast were finally being met. At NO TIME WAS IT ANNOUCED THAT THE CLINICAL SERVICES COULD BE PRIVATISED. WHY?

2 / The PUBLIC are not afraid of the quality of doctors who could be treating patients, most VMO are doctors with private practises who are contracted to PUBLIC HOSPITALS.

3 / FEAR    arises from the fact no information is given out regarding ACCIDENT & EMERGENCY.


4/ S/C still has a high wait list for elective surgery[category 2/3] What will be put in place to combat lowering these issues if privatised?


6 / This leads to the next question,

What purpose will the newly  enrolled HEALTH AND HOSPITAL BOARD SERVE if privatised?  Their function would be of little use. They [the Hospital Board ] were put in place so regional areas had a say in the health needs of their region. If they go only Private Enterprise and Brisbane will make the decisions on health needs of the Sunshine Coast.

7 / We all know there is a large training facility to be built within the hospital grounds. This is a great asset.  SCUH WAS ALWAYS SET TO BE A TEITARY HOSPITAL.

PRIVATE HOSPITALS ARE NOT COMMONLY KNOWN FOR THIS KIND OF TRAINING. Practical training within the hospital and operating theatres are a must to ensure we always have an flow of trained specialist doctors for future generations. What will be in place to ensure this if privatisation takes place?

8 / Private companies often bring many of their own staff to run facilities. What will be in place to ensure local staff will be given a fair percentage of jobs at SCUH?

9 / Many have voiced their opinions against privatisation, Professor Paul Thomas, Clinical doctors of the Sunshine Coast, nurses and many community groups. This is not something that is being blown out of proportion by nurses union and others as our State Government tries to explain to all. The communities across the coast are worried  and without truth in policy as promised it will always be difficult to convince the public otherwise.

Sunshine Coast residents do not want a system where our health services are again depleted and patients are  transferred to  Brisbane.


This is only a few of the comments and fears expressed by local residents.

I think the time has come for the State Government to explain fully the expectations of private enterprise, the what and how this will work, the time frame of fixed contracts etc.




Please find attached the latest edition of SCUH News. Click to View

This newsletter includes updates on the Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) project and the advancement of the Kawana Health Campus.


Lack of Public Information

SCUHAG were surprised at the lack of information public has been given regarding the possibility of Clinical Services being privatised when our PUBLIC  Sunshine Coast University Hospital opens.

Jarrod Bleijie MP attended our March General Meeting. He stated no decisions had yet been made.

The community feels this is an issue that should have had more discussion with local clinicians and communities who will be the users of these services.

Answers to questions regarding this issue are still awaiting reply.

SCUHAG is a not for profit community group who works for the betterment of health services on the Sunshine Coast, regardless of what political party is in power.

There are many residents in the community who have fears or anger over this issue.

Whatever the issue is please contact your local Member of Parliament or Lawrence Springborg MP Minister of Health, so your views are heard.

The more statements made, the harder politicians have to listen.

Keep us informed with your views This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Regards Maureen /Chair /SCUHAG




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